Monday, 18 August 2014

Welcome Back to a New School Year

What is Enviro SHSM?
Enviro SHSM is a specialized program designed within your regular high school courses to provide you with opportunities to explore the environmental sector. The program is open to students in any pathway who may be interested in pursuing careers related to the environment. Students are welcome to try the program out for a while to see if a green career is right for you. Through this program students will build a foundation of environmentally focused knowledge and skills, gain valuable work experience, and receive training and certifications in such areas as CPR, leadership and GPS. There is no cost associated with this program and students in all grades are encouraged to see Ms Stephens or Mr Murray in the guidance office to chat about how their specific interests could translate into a green career one day.

Why Get Involved?
According to the Environmental Careers Organization (, Canadians will be seeing substantial growth in the environmental sector over the next five years. Something else that might peak your interest is that “Canada’s environmental sector is facing labour shortages all across the board due to the combination of an aging workforce and a demand for employees.” The prospects available in the “green” job market over the coming years are very exciting. Green careers exist in all areas – business, law, communications, sciences, geography, construction, parks and recreation, technology…. the possibilities are endless.

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