Thursday, 25 September 2014

Habitat Restoration Training

Our SHSM students could not have asked for a more perfect day to head out to Minesing and rehabilitate the shores of Willow Creek.  Our SCI SHSM students teamed up with students from St. Joe's high school and spent a day building deflector wings in the Willow Creek under the guidance of aquatic biologists from the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority.  The deflector wings are made from old pine trees that are anchored to the side of the shore.  Over time sediment will build up in the trees, and when there is enough sediment build up dormant willow stakes will be planted.  The roots of the willow will stabilize the newly formed portion of the stream bank.  These deflector wings will help redirect the water in willow creek to increase the quality of the habitat.  Way to go SHSM students - not only did you learn a lot about habitat restoration, you have helped restore habitat in a creek that flows through the Minesing Wetlands - a wetland of international importance!

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